Bluestorm Cirro 26 Cirrus 26 Re-Arming Kit [BS-V90000-84204Z]

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Cirro 26 & Cirrus 26 Re-Arming Kit

The RK-26 Re-Arm Kit, with a 24-gram CO2 cylinder, is compatible with all Bluestorm® Cirrus26 and Cirro26 life jackets. The Bluestorm® RK-26 contains all the parts you need to easily re-arm your life jacket and get back on the water quickly. All Bluestorm® inflatable life jackets feature an internal pocket to store a spare cylinder, just in case you need it. So remember to pick up an extra kit for your life jacket.


  • 24 gram CO2 cylinder with 1/2” thread
  • Halkey-Roberts V90124 Green Indicator Clip
  • Halkey-Roberts V80040 Yellow Bobbin
  • Rearming instructions

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