Bluestorm Kryptek Arcus 40 Auto Type II Inflatable PFD - Obscura Skyfall [BS-ZD1H-23-SKY]

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Kryptek Arcus 40 Auto Type II Inflatable PFD - Obscura Skyfall

This USCG-approved Type 2 Arcus 40 inflatable commercial fishing life jacket inflates when immersed in water. Meant for times you don’t expect to be in the water—when safety and performance are paramount. Our design is built for optimal comfort inside and outside of the water, with quick drying ability and memory foam back pads for increased airflow. Its wide neck opening and ergonomic chassis shape hug the body where needed to stay secure, without riding up on the neck, so you can forget about your device until you hit the water.


  • Soft breathable 3D mesh - Stay cool and comfortable with the Arcus 40
  • Highly reflective Glowspot® bladder increases visibility day and night. Glowspot® provides visible light at a range between 1-20 candelas per square meter. 5 times more reflective than fabrics commonly used in life jacket bladders. 
  • Durable - Seawater and humidity will not degrade reflectivity. 
  • Glowspot® adds a very lightweight coating to the outer layer of the air chamber which keeps the material malleable and light.
  • Dual-adjustment points allow you to customize the fit to your busy for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Memory foam back pads for increased comfort and the perfect fit.
  • Zippered pocket to keep your phone, wallet, keys, etc. in a secure spot.
  • Multiple attachment points for quick access to tools and accessories.
  • A quick burst zipper allows the PFD to inflate quickly.

Technical Specifications:

  • 40 lbs hi-vis bladder
  • Automatic inflation - The 1F inflation mechanism activates when fully immersed in water via a replaceable CO2 cylinder.
  • Manual inflation - Manually inflates with the pull of the "Jerk to Inflate" cord or backup oral inflation tube.
  • Emergency whistle - Durable high-visibility construction. High sound power can be heard from over a mile away.
  • Beacon attachment strap - Attachment point for personal distress light or survivor locator light.


  • Color: Variable
  • Inflatable: Yes
  • Size: Universal
  • USCG Approved: Yes
  • UPC: 850043635420

Owner's Manual (pdf)

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