Bluestorm Cirro 16 Manual Inflatable Belt Pack - Nitro Red [BS-USB6MM-23-RED]

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Cirro 16 Manual Inflatable Belt Pack - Nitro Red

Comfort, convenience, and safety should always go together, and now they do with the Bluestorm® Cirro 16 Inflatable Belt Pack. The Cirro 16 incorporates a slim fit and minimalist design, perfect for inshore paddlers, stand-up paddle boarders, and even anglers. The sleek construction hugs the body and the soft-touch breathable lining is so comfortable you might forget you have it on. The Cirro 16 has three built-in D-ring attachment points that keep your gear accessible and secure. The Cirro 16 manually deploys with the pull of a cord, providing 16 pounds of initial buoyancy with secondary oral inflation available to 29.5 pounds for extra flotation safety. After inflation when you do ever need to repack your lifejacket, the Cirro 16 easily repacks in a few easy steps. Comfort, convenience, and safety will always go together with the Bluestorm® Cirro 16 Inflatable Belt Pack. 


  • A wide 2" waist belt allows you to customize the fit to your body for maximum comfort and safety.
  • Jerk to inflate cord - This device inflates manually. You must pull the cord to inflate the bladder.
  • 3D mesh back pad for increased comfort and the perfect fit.
  • 3 D-rings to attach all your accessories.

Technical Specifications:

  • 16.5 lbs hi-vis bladder
  • Manual inflation - Manually inflates with the pull of the "Jerk to Inflate" cord or backup oral inflation tube.
  • USCG tested and approved


  • Color: Red
  • Inflatable: Yes
  • Size: Universal
  • USCG Approved: Yes
  • UPC: 850043635307

Owner's Manual (pdf)

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